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10 Most Popular Pets On The Internet

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Few things are as enjoyable as passing the hours watching online videos of cats acting like…well, cats. Pet celebrities have taken the internet by storm in recent years and it’s not just our feline friends who are in the spotlight. Take a look at the 10 Most Popular Pets on the Internet!

10 Most Popular Pets On The Internet 1

10. Tuna the Dog

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10 Most Popular Pets On The Internet 2

Tuna is a Chihuahua who was born with an unusually large overbite and was abandoned by his owners at a young age. His new family found him wandering the side of the road looking for food. Tuna’s tale is truly a heartwarming story of rags to riches.

9. Menswear Dog

10 Most Popular Pets On The Internet 3

Who doesn’t like to see a dog wearing the current men’s fashion trends? This showy Shiba Inu was an instant hit after his owner took pictures of him in popular men’s clothing. From suspenders to polos this hunky hound models it all, making him one of the most fashionable pooches on the internet.

8. Sir Stuffington

10 Most Popular Pets On The Internet 4
“ Cutest Pirate in the world” Sir Stuffington is respectively self-acclaimed title made known to the internet and took fame online instantly after he was found on the streets as one-eyed injured kitty by his owner who took care of him. He was dressed in a pirate bandana, a trendy-looking outfit matched with an eye patch to make him more adorable. Internet sensation, making him the cutest amongst tough-looking cats.

7. Eddie the Otter

10 Most Popular Pets On The Internet 5

Eddie’s claim to fame is his ability to play basketball. Trainers at the Oregon Zoo trained the 15-year-old otter to play basketball as a way to alleviate the arthritis pain in his elbows. While Eddie may not make the Harlem Globe Trotters, he was a slam dunk on the internet.

6. Theo

10 Most Popular Pets On The Internet 6

Theo “cute-ometer” remarkably posed with a cute toddler Beau sleeping together that made them famous way far on the internet. The very interesting tandem of a lovable dog sleeping beside the innocent looking toddler is wonderfully made by a passionate mother who posted their photos on the internet. Children’s book and other merchandise have been created by the duo’s mother alongside with the fame happened to them.

5. Boo

10 Most Popular Pets On The Internet 7
Boo’s owners started chronicling the fluffy, super-cute Pomeranian on a Facebook page back in 2009. After getting some press in Asia, he went viral worldwide; as a result, Boo has been featured in three books, a line of Gund plush toys, and a host of other merchandise. He’s worked with brands including Amazon and Virgin America.

4. Doug The Pug

10 Most Popular Pets On The Internet 8
Doug’s owner Leslie Mosier started an Instagram account on his behalf in 2014. “I posted a photo of Doug running around a park with a pug balloon attached, and woke up the next morning to the video having 20 million views,” she said. Doug’s first book was a New York Times bestseller, and brand extensions include plush toys, puzzles, and a forthcoming line of American Greetings cards.

3. Marutaro

10 Most Popular Pets On The Internet 9
Maru is an adorable Shiba Inu who lives with his owners in Japan and is one of the most followed dogs on Instagram with over 2.6 million followers. Given the internet’s obvious past obsession with the wildly popular Doge meme, it’s not exactly surprising to see a dog of the exact same breed that’s so insanely popular. You won’t find any captions written in Comic Sans font saying “wow” and “much cuteness” all over his photos, though.

2. Grumpy Cat

10 Most Popular Pets On The Internet 10
From memes to a t-shirt, the calico kitty known as Grumpy Cat has made her way into celebrity status and into our hearts. Grumpy’s comical cuteness is a result of the rare disorder, feline dwarfism. While she may appear to be unhappy, her owner assures us that she is a very happy kitty

1. Lil Bub

10 Most Popular Pets On The Internet 11

Adorable cat Lil Bub’s owner Mike Bridavsky started a Tumblr account for his beloved pet in 2011. Fast forward a few years, and Bub is a twice-published author, has appeared in several films, has had her own TV special on Animal Planet, has had a documentary about her by VICE, and is a Billboard charting artist.