20+ Riskiest Medical Procedures

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Gastric Bypass

20+ Riskiest Medical Procedures 1
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The main risk of gastric bypass is the weight of the patients. Most medical procedures are riskier on someone who is overweight, and larger patients are also more susceptible to post surgical problems, such as pneumonia. During gastric bypass it can be difficult to find a vein to administer IV fluids, more anesthetics may be necessary, and there are layers of fat that have to be gone through in order to reach the stomach.

Breast Reduction

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20+ Riskiest Medical Procedures 2
Portrait of female doctor choosing mammary prosthesis with her patient over white background.

Physically, there’s always the potential for scarring or poor workmanship when getting a breast reduction. One of the most common is decreased sensitivity in the nipple area, which occurs up to 70% of the time. Additionally, there’s a chance that you could experience tissue necrosis (aka tissue death), excessive firmness, deep vein thrombosis, or persistent pain. After the surgery, the breast reduction also has a chance to interfere with certain diagnostic procedures, limit the ability to breastfeed, and can alter the outcome after pregnancy.

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