Beauty Habits Men Surprisingly Find Unattractive

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Beauty can be an extremely subjective thing. While women always want to know what they can do to look more attractive, some of the beauty trends that are popular can surprisingly be unattractive to men. There are a few beauty fads and habits you can avoid that men find less attractive than others, and we’ll look at 10 of them in this article.

Excessive Makeup

A collection of beauty tools and makeup sits on a table.

Makeup can certainly glow-up a date night ensemble, but sometimes it’s best to keep it on the lighter side. While you may be impressed by your cutting-edge makeup application skills and view it as a beauty trend or art, men can sometimes find it off-putting. In some cases, they may just want to see you show off your natural beauty so they can get to know you better. If you want to attract someone, you may just want to keep the makeup to a minimum. Read on to find out what else men find unattractive.

Poor Hygiene

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Part of beauty includes being hygienic. Toothpaste is applied to a toothbrush to promote hygiene.

Maybe this is obvious, but being aware of your hygiene practices is really important in garnering attraction. You may not realize that your breath smells like garlic or your armpits are getting stinky, but the person standing next to you will. And if that person is a man you hope will find you attractive, you should pay attention and make sure you’re brushing your teeth and applying deodorant. Beauty involves cleanliness to a certain extent. There a several things you may not realize that men find unattractive; keep reading to find out what they are!

Too Much Glittery Makeup

A woman wears glittery eye shadow as per beauty trend.

If you personally love glitter, then the idea of having “too much glitter” may seem outrageous. Perhaps you even love using glittery makeup, or maybe it’s your signature look. Whatever the case may be, though, you might want to consider toning it down a bit if you’re trying to attract a man’s attention. Men can sometimes find overly glittery makeup or accessories to be distracting or flashy, and thus, might not find this beauty trend very attractive. The next slide will tell you what other surprising things men actually find unattractive!

Fancy Hairstyles

A woman has her hair styled to fit a beauty trend.

So you want to get your hair done up for a special date. Maybe you even ask a friend to do it for you. And sure, maybe you and your friends both love the way your hair looks when it’s styled into a fancy hairdo. The thing is, though, when a guy is first getting to know you, he may find it more attractive to see you in your natural state and how you would normally do your hair on a day to day basis. Part of beauty involves embracing the natural, and he’ll want to see that, too. Read on to find out what else men sometimes find strangely unattractive.

Sloppy Drunkenness

A woman sits at a table drunk. This is not a good habit for making an impression of attractiveness or beauty.

This tip isn’t so much about beauty, but it does have to do with what most people find attractive or unattractive. No one wants to spend their time taking care of a drunken slob, especially not the man you hope to win over. Most people find drunkenness unattractive. It makes sense that men, too, find this to be an unattractive quality in women. Try to keep the drinking light when making that first impression. Show them who you really are, not who you are when you’ve had too many drinks. Keep reading for more tips!

Drastically Changing Your Look

A woman gets a beauty makeover done at a salon.

If you’re lucky enough that you’ve already made a good impression on the guy you hope will like you back, then why would you go changing yourself? If he likes you, then whatever you’re doing in terms of beauty or fashion or personality is probably right! A guy may find you less attractive if you suddenly look drastically different after he’s gotten used to seeing you in a particular light. Be yourself. There’s no need to make him confused about who you are. The next slide will reveal another shocking thing guys sometimes find unattractive.

Obsession With Beauty

A woman stares in the mirror because she is obsessed with her beauty.

While it’s nice to look good and want to look good to impress your man, he may find it more attractive to be satisfied with the fact that he likes the way you look already. Sometimes, being obsessed with your beauty can come across as unattractive to a man, especially if he likes your looks. He may want you to just spend more time being in the moment with him. And if that’s the case, he probably really likes you! Keep reading, because we have more things men surprisingly find unattractive in women.

Sticky Mascara

A woman has mascara applied with her makeup for beauty.

Not only is this an odd beauty trend in itself, it could also potentially be unattractive to a guy. He’s not going to want to go in for a kiss and get black smears on his face. When using makeup, it’s probably best to keep things to a healthy minimum. You don’t need to do five applications of mascara. One will suffice. Focus on presenting yourself in an honest fashion that shows how beautiful you are naturally. Keep reading for the last tip on what men surprisingly find unattractive in women!