The 6 Best Places To Travel In The Summer 2019

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June is when travel starts getting busy, with trips and events galore

We know there’s so much to choose from if you’re planning to travel in June. It’s the real start of the tourist season in many places, but we’ve got a few suggestions that you might not have thought of…


Summerfest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

The 6 Best Places To Travel In The Summer 2019 1
Summerfest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Via Summerfest

What’s the world’s largest music festival do you think? Glastonbury in England is big. Rock in Rio for sheer numbers? What about Coachella for the area it fills? Well… nope. It’s this one. In terms of sheer numbers, Summerfest wipes the floor with the lot.

It starts on the last Wednesday of June, and between 800,000 — 900,000 people attend Summerfest each year, as more than 800 acts play across 13 stages over 11 days. It’s pretty eclectic as well, with a line-up that includes indie rock, punk, hip-hop, folk, country, electro, pop, jazz: you name it, it’s here. Add to this the hundreds of stalls and shops from local vendors, family entertainment, comedy shows, theatre troupes and more, and it’s basically a city in itself.

If it all gets too much, there is a city to retire too. In fact, it seems odd to be recommending a city as a more relaxing option, but that may very well be the case after a few days! Milwaukee is where the festival is held, in the Henry Maier Festival Park on the waterfront to be precise, so it’s easy to escape and see a bit of what it has to offer.

It’s a good city for galleries and museums, with the Milwaukee Public Museum offering history, dinosaur exhibits, a European village mock-up from the Middle Ages, a planetarium, an IMAX cinema, and live insects! Discovery World is more for hands-on, interactive science types, and for the grown-ups there’s always the world famous Miller brewery. All in all, there’s a lot to do in one of the USA’s lesser-thought-of cities.




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